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The Change

The Change is an upcoming feature film from Yates House Studios to be shot and finished on Kodak 35mm. Vivian wakes in the middle of the night to discover the worst—her baby boy Tommy is missing. At first she suspects the boy's absentee father, but after suffering from nightmares and what she believes are ghostly visitations, she gradually becomes convinced that her son’s disappearance is the work of a supernatural entity: a changeling.

The Change will be shot on celluloid and include a traditional photochemical finish, and a print of the movie will be shown in revival houses and other theaters that still have 35mm projectors. This analog approach will extend to the prosthetics, animatronics and other practical effects captured in camera as well.

The Change is written and will be directed by Daniel Berube. Previously, he wrote, directed, produced and edited the short “One-Half World,” which premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival and can be seen here. The film is based on a short story by Jason Shepherd. All of the artwork for the film, including the illustrations for Pirate Mary and the Very Scary Fairy (a children's storybook from the world of The Change) is by Eric October.

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Pirate Mary and the Very Scary Fairy is now a book, illustrated by Eric October. Check back soon for more information on Pirate Mary and The Change.

The text for Pirate Mary and the Very Scary Fairy has been completed. The children’s book is a prop in the film, but we have gone the extra mile and written the story. Meanwhile, Eric October has completed more than half of the artwork for the book. The finished book will be given to some of the film’s Kickstarter backers but there may be other ways to acquire it; stay tuned!

We are very happy to report that The Change has been approved for tax incentives by the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority.

Proof of Concept Trailer
Last September, we adapted several scenes from The Change into a no-budget trailer. We shot it on 16mm Kodak film using a Bolex camera, and finished it digitally. Thanks to Echo Park Film Center and Wooden Nickel Lighting for the use of their equipment, and to FotoKem for processing the footage and transferring it to HD.

Trailer Credits

Vivian: Vanessa Dorman
Detective Morgan: Robert Craighead
Detective Logan: James Eckhouse
Keenan: Keliher Walsh
Officer Callahan: Darnell Baldwin
Writer-Director-Producer-Editor: Daniel Berube
Based on the short story by Jason Shepherd
Director of Photography: Jeff Siljenberg
Hair & Makeup: Lito Morin
Unit Production Manager: Sean Corbin
Assistant Camera: Whitney Jones
Gaffer: Dan Vetanovetz
Telecine Colorist: Mark Nakamine
Artwork: Eric October
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